Baa, Baa, Black Sheep!

Romeo, the miniature Babydoll Southdown sheep, is a favorite animal at Clearwater Farm.  Romeo is gray/black in color and his breed is shorter than typical sheep. Southdown sheep also have very woolly faces which is different than most other breeds. He was born in Rushford, Minnesota, in April 2014, and was adopted by the farm when he was only eight days old. He was bottle fed until he was two months old, which meant he was handled continuously by the volunteers at the farm.  Sheep are typically not super friendly and tend to be aloof. Romeo has developed a love for human contact and loves to be scratched and petted.  He is always rubbing up against the wonderful animal team volunteers, hoping for attention. Romeo also has a reputation for headbutting his fellow barn mates and his caregivers now and then.  Male sheep tend to show their dominance by headbutting if they sense fear.  Romeo is no different. He definitely has personality and can be naughty at times.  But, overall he is a wonderful member of the Clearwater Farm family!

If you are interested in working with animals like Romeo, please consider joining our Animal Team. To learn more about the Animal Team and other volunteer opportunities at the farm , click here.

Please call our Animal Team Leader, Shari Collas, at (608) 780-5682 or email to sign up!