Our History

How The Farm Came To Be

In 1999, Clearwater Farm was established as a non profit 501(c)(3) organization to preserve parts of a 19th century Onalaska dairy farm for education, recreation and history. The farm was operational until 1998 when it was sold to a developer who was willing to consider an alternate vision for three of the 120 acres that had been known for generations as the Humfeld farm in Green Coulee. Since Clearwater Farm purchased the three red barns and the adjacent grounds in May 2006, the board has focused on making the site safe and pleasant for members, visitors, and its resident “critters.”

Pictured above: Dahlia and Herman Humfeld, early 19th century.

Clearwater Farm: The Heart of Onalaska

Clearwater Farm is in the center of Onalaska’s proposed “greenway.” The City of Onalaska used money from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to purchase the bluffs above the farm, the trail to the birch grove overlooking Green Coulee, and greenspace between the farm and Clearwater Farm Neighborhood.


The beauty and value of this city parkland are enhanced by Clearwater Farm’s presence and programs. Further improvements are being made in concert with city planning and park professionals as well as developers building homes in Green Coulee.

The Clearwater Farm Story

GardenPage-400pxWe depend on the land to feed ourselves, support our homes and communities, and build a future for our families. Unfortunately, modern lifestyle tends to consume rather than conserve land. The cost is especially high when so many dream of a house on a half-acre with roads in all directions to school, work and shopping.

Clearwater Farm is one of those rare places where we can still touch the past and learn from it.

Clearwater Farm is more than a park or playground.

It’s a place for outdoor education, preservation, recreation, and hard work.

Exploring, playing outdoors, learning self-sufficiency, coaxing life from the earth, making friends with farm animals…these are the essence of the Clearwater Farm experience. With your help, we can make these 3 acres a great place to involve people of all ages in the care of crops and animals, conservation, and neighborly connections.

What the farm means to its members…

“The best times our family had this summer were feeding and taking care of the animals late Saturday afternoon and early Saturday evening. My children have learned what it is like to be responsible for other beings and have learned how much fun it is to work hard.”

- Clearwater Farm Member

Share Our Dream of Providing:

Little girl and lamb

  • Healthy activities in a peaceful setting.
  • Accessible habitat for watching birds and other wildlife.
  • A window on the area’s agricultural roots.
  • Opportunities for young and old to work together as they learn from and enjoy each other’s company.
  • An interesting and serene setting for outings for groups of all ages.

We hope you and your family enjoy your visit!

In The Future

In the future, we hope to make Clearwater Farm:

  • A favorite destination for family activities and celebrations – an alternative to commercial game-centered entertainment.
  • A location for summer programs that connect nature and nutrition through lessons in farming, responsibility, environment, wildlife, art, and productive labor.

Please invest in this unique site’s future by becoming a member or by making a tax-deductible donation.