Supporter Spotlight: Family and Children’s Center

Family and Children’s Center (FCC) has been collaborating with Clearwater Farm for over ten years. Hundreds of FCC clients have spent countless hours volunteering at the farm. They have been involved with animal care, gardening, grounds maintenance, and special events throughout the years. Our team leaders have taught FCC clients many different life skills such as the responsibility of caring for animals, mowing lawn, and growing healthy organic food.

FCC clients have helped care for our farm animals EVERY SATURDAY for the past 12 YEARS! Rain or shine! Even on cold, snowy days! The animals have showered these young adults with love and affection. This unconditional love has been a joy to watch unfold. Most of the kids have a favorite animal at the farm, and their interactions are priceless. Most of the kids have never had “hands-on” experience with farm animals before volunteering at Clearwater. This volunteer opportunity is the kind of experience that they will never forget.

Animal care can be hard work as the animals are quite messy. The kids and staff from FCC feed and water all of the animals along with cleaning the barn, pastures, and bedding areas. Much laughter is heard during these visits as the animals and kids interact. Fletcher the Llama is not a favorite as you can hear the squeals from many of the girls. Fletcher is famous for wanting to come really close and sniff you. At over six feet tall, he can be rather intimidating.  He’s mainly inquisitive and would never hurt anyone, but he is known to “spit” now and then.  Like I said, he is not a favorite. Barney the Cat and Frosty the Donkey seem to get the most hugs, along with Willy, our thirteen-year-old giant goat!
We want to thank FCC for their ongoing dedication to Clearwater Farm. We enjoy our Saturday mornings with all of the FCC kids and staff that volunteer every weekend. The animals are so very lucky to have all of of you caring for them. THANK YOU!