Youth Education Gardens

Our youth and young adults had opportunities to plant, tend, and harvest fruits and vegetables from the garden. Cooking with produce from the garden was also a highlight! Our students and adults learned some very valuable life skills that they will be able to use the rest of their lives.

– Catholic Charities

What’s Growing On – A weekly newsletter with gardening tips, recipes, and more!

Week 1 – Welcome; Container Gardening; Creamy Strawberry-Orange Pops Recipe

Week 2 – Upcycling; Memories from Week 1; Rhubarb Lemonade Recipe

Week 3 – Permaculture: Scare Pests Away Naturally; New Lambs Hildie and Lucy; Frozen Banana Pop Recipe

Week 4 – Garden Guests: Honeybees; Scarecrow Photos; Mexican Corn on the Cob Recipe

Week 5 – Composting; DIY Sponge Water Bombs; Basic Pesto Recipe; Pesto Margherita Pizza Recipe

Week 6 – Yoga; Free Family Fun Night; Baked Sweet Potato Recipe; Baked Potato Bar Recipe

Week 7 – Harvest Celebration Schedule

Week 8 – Incubating Chicken Eggs; Refrigerator Pickle Recipe

Week 9 – Become a Member; Upcoming Events; Thank You to Sponsors; Pico de Gallo Salsa Recipe


Program Overview

Purpose: Participants will learn how to grow fresh food on a budget in a small, manageable space. Many of our participants have special needs, and gardening serves as a vehicle for teaching social and emotional skills such as teamwork and respect. Learning how to care for farm animals teaches responsibility, reinforces the importance of self-care, and can be therapeutic for participants.  We also promote other healthy life skills such as food preparation as we harvest garden produce as well as physical fitness by engaging participants in outdoor recreation.

In 2017 we will be focusing on PERMACULTURE and UPCYCLING. Permaculture promotes the idea that a garden should be designed with nature in mind, promoting less work, conserved energy, and reduced waste. Upcycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful, thus reducing our impact on the environment.These two themes will be incorporated into nature crafts, group games and projects, and nutritious snacks with recipes for participants to take home and share with their families.

Target Audience: All groups are welcome – youth organizations, day cares, home-school families, 4-H and Scout groups, seniors, persons with disabilities, etc. Each group will be assigned two 4′ X 4′ raised beds within our Community Garden to care for throughout the summer. Group leaders should email for more information.

Duration: The program runs from mid-June to mid-August, allowing participants to experience gardening from seed to table. Groups meet at the farm for 90 minutes each week. We encourage groups to stay longer and enjoy a picnic lunch at the farm before or after the program.

Cost: Thanks to generous community support, we are currently able to offer this 10-week program for $150. Groups are responsible for providing their own transportation to and from the farm. We understand that transportation costs can be a limiting factor for some organizations. We are currently seeking funding from community supporters to provide scholarships for youth groups.

What to expect each week:

  • An introduction to the week’s theme
  • Caring for your group’s garden, including planting, watering, weeding, and harvesting
  • Exploring the rest of the community garden
  • Meeting the farm animals
  • Preparing a healthy garden snack
  • Group games, nature crafts, and other hands-on activities related to the week’s theme

Download our Summer Youth Garden Flyer (PDF) for more information.


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