Our Mission

Clearwater Farm demonstrates, teaches, and advocates the sustainable use of natural, architectural, historical, and agricultural resources.

Our Vision

Serving the Coulee Region in a historic, urban farm setting through:


  • DSCN2916-800pxCollaboration with local school districts in a hands on teaching environment
  • Open for use for all communities
  • Serving individual and group need
  • Recognizing a historic connection to our past
  • Learning to utilize what the farm provides through gardening and working with the animals


  • garden harvestEnhancing the local community as a whole through community service
  • Ideal family/community environment
  • Promoting healthy activities such as hiking, biking, and exercising
  • Center for community


  • barns-and-horsesHands on learning environment for all ages
  • Restoring and rebuilding through “green ideas”
  • Touching years of tradition with a focus on tomorrow and renewable resources
  • Preserving skills taught through generations